Dairy industry and its innovative initiatives to resolve business issues

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Dairy industry in New Zealand is a profitable sector. It competes not only on national but on international market as well. The requirements to operate this sector are growing each day. New Zealand’s farmers develop new initiatives to keep the industry competitive. They also continuously work on corporate social responsibility.

Usually any business industry faces some key problems:

  • Ways to make it stronger;
  • How to make it eco-friendly;
  • How to attract financing for its further development.

New Zealand’s dairy industry found innovative solutions for all the issues.

How New Zealand’s farmers solve the problems in an innovative way

The very first step of New Zealand dairy industry to become a serious business sector was made back in 2001. It was

the year when industry producers created an efficient organizational body. It is known today as Dairy InSight Inc. It has many functions:

  • It finances industry good initiatives. Any person or business can apply for additional funding.
  • It lobbies good initiatives for industry in the Parliament.
  • It organizes networking events. This organization endorsed new business culture for dairy makers in New Zealand.

Key initiatives to solve tough issues in diary industry

Dairy NZ is one of organizations that develops innovative initiatives in the industry. Recently, it proposed a solution to reduce greenhouse effect. It aims to make milk production more ecologically friendly. For it the organization created a partnership with Fonterra. Here are key points of a project:

  • It lasts for 18 months.
  • It aims also to educate the society. The purpose is to make each farmer understand why production has to become responsible business practice.
  • Its goal is to support individual producers.

This project aims to upgrade the quality of final product and save environment.

Innovative decisions for sustain quality of production

New Zealand dairy industry as of today holds 30% of dairy products export globally. The main buyer of New Zealand’s dairy products is China. Orientation on global market forces New Zealand’s industry to:

  • keep extraordinary quality of production.
  • finely brand its products.

These key tasks found innovative solutions by farmers in New Zealand. Dairy producers in Waikato implemented the project aimed to make farm production more sustainable. The goal of the project was to make Waikato river cleaner. Along this river more than 700 dairy farmers live and work.

The project was supported by Dairy NZ. Experts employed by this organization came to each farm for several days. They learnt how to make quality of water in the river and health of cattle better.

These initiatives show that:

  • consolidated efforts always bring better results;
  • industry needs collective thinking.

Bringing ideas together is what’s it takes to make the sector more innovative. Join this business!