Dairy InSight Inc: an organization that develops dairy industry in the right way

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Any branch of industry needs collective effort. It is the only way to lobby legislative issues, develop the sector. New Zealand has a competitive market. The country adopted most recent technologies, managerial practices and business models from oversees economies.

The population of New Zealand understood, the only way to move the production forward is to get united. With this aim producers of dairy products created Dairy InSight Inc.

Dairy InSight Inc: its main goals

At certain point New Zealand’s farmers understood the only way to keep business strong is to create a non-government institution. Dairy InSight Inc is a non -governmental body. Milk producers and owners of farms regularly pay levy from their profits. Thanks to it, this organization finances its regular activities. Why does industry need it?

  • This organization cumulates votes of stakeholders. It analyzes current issues the sector faces. The board of directors and counsellors propose their view on how to resolve problems. When ideas are gathered, the representative of Dairy InSight Inc lobby new initiatives during governmental sessions. This organization is the voice of farmers in the Parliament of New Zealand.
  • It organizes events necessary for industry’s development. Individual entities can hardly do it. Meeting of stakeholders, commercial events are funded from the budget of this organization.
  • It finances future.  A very decent part of organization’s budget aims to finance innovative research projects. Industry professionals understand that new technologies are key to stay in the global market.
  • It unites industry stakeholders. Events gather professionals. Certainly, meetings of Dairy Insight is excellent way to establish networks.
  • It forms brand image of New Zealand’s dairy industry. Milk producers from New Zealand compete not only on national market. Global one is really attractive for them. In order to have a share in a global economy, New Zealand needs to position rightly its dairy products.
  • Dairy InSight Inc guarantees industry produces fine goods. It develops standards. It monitors quality of production. It is a very important function of this organization.

Get funds to innovate dairy industry

Any entity can apply for funding from Dairy InSight Inc. For it the project has to be prepared. It has to contain:

  • general description of idea;
  • its main goal;
  • short summary;
  • working plan;
  • financing needed.
  • benefits of it for entire industry.

Apply for this funding! Bring new ideas to the industry.

If you are in farm business, join Dairy InSight Inc. Benefits are immense. You will always get support and new ideas to move the business forward!

New Zealand’s diary industry needs accurate branding. Dairy InSight Inc works on it. Develop industry together with a reliable partner! Join professionals from all over New Zealand to develop the sector together!